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EMDR Therapy

EMDR Intensives


EMDR Intensives may be a good option for clients that have been engaged in therapy and are ready to do intensive trauma work for a short period of time.  EMDR Intensives are available for clients aged 15 and older.  

Please review the following criteria to see if you may be a good candidate for an EMDR Intensive:

  • I have time constraints that make the intensive more convenient
  • I have already done some therapy
  • I have good coping skills 
  • I do well with self care
  • I have minimal dissociation
  • I have been treated for a dissociative disorder
  • I have done EMDR Therapy before
  • If so, how long was your treatment, how long ago did you do it

    Please note that additional screening will be done by the intensive clinician in order to determine if an EMDR Intensive would be a good fit for you.  

    EMDR Intensives are not covered by insurance.  We do not offer a payment plan for intensives due to the time involved for our clinicians and prepayment is required in advance of scheduling the intensive.  The intensives are scheduled over 2 days of 3 hours per day with a break or 3 days of 2 hours per day. 

    Normally for intensives, we begin with an intake session.  This session can be billed through insurance if you are with BCBS.  In this intake session, we will gather some history, determine your goals, and determine if the intensive is clinically appropriate.  If you and your clinician agree that it would be appropriate, you will schedule an additional preparation session or two.  If this is not possible, the preparation may be rolled into your intensive, adding time to the total.  Before starting the intensive, you will be asked to pay for the intensive in full. 

    Many of our clinicians provide EMDR Intensives.  Due to the nature of Intensives requiring extended scheduling, we ask that you be in touch with Intake if you are interested in scheduling an EMDR Intensive.  Existing clients may inquire with their current therapist if they are interested in scheduling an EMDR Intensive.

    If you have a question regarding an intake appointment, please contact
    us at, 301-304-7108 ext 849